Translate more economically and accurately thanks to translation memories

A translation memory is a database of language pairs that enables us to keep a record of every translation made, per customer or per department. This way no translator will ever have to translate the same sentence, expression or term in duplicate.

Besides enabling us to keep a tight rein on a translation budget, a translation memory also boosts the speed and accuracy of the translation process. The longer we work for the same customer, the more extensive this translation memory will be.

Translation memories are a great help to our translators, but remain the intellectual property of our customer.

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“Our partnership was immediately off to a very good start. All our requests were responded to promptly. Plenty of time was made available to become better acquainted with us as a customer. This professional approach makes it a joy to work with Yamagata.”

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV – Training Department

“We provide training to our distributors supported by e-learning courses. We regularly rely on Yamagata Europe to translate the e-learning material and record voice-overs in multiple languages. They work and respond very quickly and have a great deal of technical expertise. They are thoroughly familiar with our business and I know that when I get my translated materials I will be able to use them immediately!”

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