Author: Geert Benoit

Yamagata Europe is ready for GDPR

With the advent of GDPR in May 2018, it seems that privacy is taken more seriously. GDPR not only forces translation and other companies to think about the way they are collecting data, but it also obligates them to protect their data and report about possible unauthorized use of personal data in time. The question that is on most people’s lips nowadays is: are we ready for GDPR? At Yamagata Europe, we can reassure you we are.

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Alma Mater Matters


Yamagata Europe belongs to a Japanese family owned company, the Yamagata Corporation (YCO). YCO has many overseas divisions and daughters in different countries, but Yamagata Europe is the only daughter without a Japanese expat from HQ.

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Sponsoring the Premier League

Ghelamco Arena

Managing Director Geert Benoit muses about sponsoring the Premier League.

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Why I skipped TeKOM, GALA and TAUS events this autumn

Going to Localization events is real fun, but nothing compared to spending two days at the Creativity World Forum like I did. The usage of “World” was a bit over-rated because it was organized in the small regional town Kortrijk (where I was born) and over 80% percent of the +2000 attendees are local Flemish guys, but the speakers were world class.

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2013 Quality Report

A few days ago, I posted the summary of the 2013 quality report on our intranet.

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A Simplified Japanese Quality Mantra


Today is the 5th of the month, so let me tell you about 5S, a well-known Japanese Quality Management Method.

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