Author: Jourik Ciesielski

Five reasons why translation is an attractive business


I was inspired to write this blog post by a visit to a partner company of Yamagata Europe. One of the directors talked to me about the main problem of their particular industry: the inability to attract and hire young and dynamic people. Here are five reasons why this doesn’t seem to be an issue for the translation industry.

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Translation automation and integration


The terms “automation” and “integration” seem to be new keywords in the localization industry. Many companies seek to replace human intervention as much as possible by automated actions in their localization workflow. Additionally, the integration of all kinds of resources is playing a more and more prominent role as well.

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Differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese

I’ve always been fascinated by Romance languages, in particular Spanish and Portuguese from Ibero-America. One of the things that intrigue me most about them is how they differ among the geographical areas where they are spoken. 

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The complexity of software localization

I’m undoubtedly not the first to say this, but software localization differs in so many ways from traditional document translation. Many companies and translation professionals have formulated a definition of the term “software localization”, and they all share the same ideas about this relatively new discipline in the industry.

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