Like many other industries, the translation industry also experiences significant changes in this digital age. We adapt our processes to the changing requests of clients, translation software becomes increasingly sophisticated and machine translation is on the rise. Accordingly, we like to share our knowledge of the field with the academic world. We do not only build bridges but also integrate our worlds. After all, we both benefit from it.

Elia Exchange

We joined Elia, the European Language Industry Association, in 2009. In 2016, our manager became National Coordinator of Elia Exchange, a programme that focuses on integrating the academic and professional worlds by establishing a transparent system in which knowledge is shared and internships are organised. Our Elia membership enhanced the good contacts which we already had with some universities. We currently cooperate with Lille III, VUB, UGent, UAntwerpen and KUL Antwerpen for internships and welcome interns in about all our teams. Moreover, we do not limit the internships to linguists; also marketing and HR students can do an internship here.

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Elia Exchange

Guest lectures

In addition, we share our knowledge with universities through guest lectures and seminars. Every year, we have visiting lecturers at KUL Antwerpen (Localisation summer school), UGent (postgraduate CALM) and KUL (Japanese Studies). We also integrate with the academic world; one of our staff members teaches localisation and another staff member studies artificial intelligence and will write a dissertation on machine translation or terminology. Furthermore, we are looking forward to a new version of QA Distiller. Our quality tool is currently already a fixed component in the curriculum of several universities.


The interaction between the professional and academic worlds is enriching. We learn about academic research, share our professional experience and help to prepare students for the labour market. In many ways, there are only winners.           

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