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The translation memory: your technical translator’s secret weapon

For outsiders, the art of translation is sometimes shrouded in mystery. If you are a marketing manager or service manager, you might have asked yourself the following questions: How can I trust that my technical translation will be accurate?

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Smart Sampling presentation at Elia Networking Days

Elia Brussels

Smart Sampling is a lean methodology to optimise your QA process. Given price and time pressure, it is not always realistic to review an entire deliverable before delivery.

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Translation automation and integration


The terms “automation” and “integration” seem to be new keywords in the localization industry. Many companies seek to replace human intervention as much as possible by automated actions in their localization workflow. Additionally, the integration of all kinds of resources is playing a more and more prominent role as well.

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How to prepare for website localization

Website Localization

Translating your website takes time and effort. You can help us by asking yourself some questions beforehand.

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Yamagata Europe handles localization of Sensoa’s new site

Yamagata Europe has localized Sensoa's website into 12 languages. Sensoa is the Flemish center of expertise for sexual health in Flanders.

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Yamagata Europe launches new website

New responsive website

Yamagata Europe has launched a new responsive website with a clearer focus on how we can help companies with their translation needs.

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Differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese

I’ve always been fascinated by Romance languages, in particular Spanish and Portuguese from Ibero-America. One of the things that intrigue me most about them is how they differ among the geographical areas where they are spoken. 

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The difference between traditional and simplified Chinese

Translating into Chinese makes a lot of sense as China is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Chinese has many dialects – like Mandarin or Wu – and also two standard character sets: traditional and simplified Chinese.

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Certified TIM Translation Service Provider

After finalizing the certification training, we’re happy to announce that we are now officially recognized as a TIM certified Language Service Provider.

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A new language for translation agencies?

Some people believe the European Union should, for simplicity’s and efficiency’s sake, adopt one single working language: English.

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Translating colours


Have you ever wondered whether other people see the world the same as you do, and more precisely, see the same colours as you do? When learning foreign languages, it sometimes looks like people from other cultures perceive colours in a different way.

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Yamagata Europe receives "Class A" supplier status from Ricoh

Ricoh France, one of the world's leading suppliers of office automation equipment, has awarded Yamagata Europe with "Class A" supplier status for fiscal year 2010.

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Our site goes multilingual

The Yamagata Europe website has been localised into 6 languages to extend the reach of our message.

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Top Language Services Providers ranking

Yamagata Intech Corporation, mother company of Yamagata Europe, ranks 12th in Common Sense Advisory's Top 50 Language Service Provider listing.

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