However, sometimes you also get emails that you catalogue as spam, but that are actually not. Like customer satisfaction surveys (CSS).

In the past, I deleted these messages as soon as they came in, muttering things like ‘Come on, it’s not worth the hassle’ and ‘What’s the point anyway’. But, this has changed recently. The fact that I am now part of the team responsible for sending out our company’s CSS might have something to do with it.

When a customer takes the time to fill this in, it provides us with a lot of useful information, positive or negative. Feedback can help us pinpoint problems we did not think of, change our workflows to integrate better with the customer’s processes, present new technologies and services the customer was not aware of and much more.

So, my very late New Year’s resolution is to take the time to fill in customer satisfaction surveys too. It usually only takes a couple of minutes (it should not take longer in any case), and can help my supplier adapt better to my wishes.

Oh, on a slightly related topic, did I mention we will be sending our customer satisfaction survey shortly? Soon, in your spam folder of your mailbox!