Working from home…
Yes, come on. Be honest.
I hear you thinking out loud: Temptation Island!

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but no, not really.
No cocktails, no crystal clear water and no beach.


Flexiblility, efficiency and productivity. Finding a better balance between work and private life.

Checking mails early morning, gaining commuting time and starting the day without stress as you could avoid the traffic jams. The coffee is better (sorry guys), the music can be out loud and there are far fewer interruptions. On top of that you can go crazy in the dress code.

You are just more productive. The focus on the work is higher.
Seriously, it’s all about that. Being more efficient, being more focused. Getting more done in your working day.

Yamagata Europe benefits from it, as we as employees do more and better. Even better.
So also our clients benefit. With this stronger focus and the extra efficiency we try to deliver earlier, and with better quality. Even better.

What about the cons

Yes there are some negative aspects. But we have these in the office too. (sorry guys)

You can be disturbed at home. But please do some risk management here. Install yourself in a quiet place. Be it a separate office room in your house, the basement or the attic.

And the lack of social networking with colleagues? Well, we at Yamagata Europe think one or maximum two days is enough. The other days you are back in the office and there is plenty of time to reload your social battery.

Working from home doesn’t mean that you can look after your kids or watch tv. We all know that kids and work don’t go hand in hand. To be honest, kids don’t go together with a lot of things.

Same for watching tv and working. This is only allowed for matches of the Fifa World Cup. And then we look at the game in the office in Ghent, all together. Much more fun. Go Belgium go!

Practical arrangements

There need to be some tweaks here and there too, to make it all happen. Meetings can be held via Skype, so you need a headset. Telephone calls from the office need to be transferred to your cell phone. And we need an extra insurance, in case you slip when going for a George Clooney coffee.

We as Yamagata Europe employees are lucky to work for a company that has such a flexible approach towards and a strong belief in working from home.

To conclude. It’s a matter of balance and trust, from both sides.
It’s just like in Netsky’s song: You give and you take.
A win-win situation for all of us.