We’ve completely redesigned our machine translation portal Y-MTS. Y-MTS enables you to translate data in a safe, fast and cost-efficient way. Machine translation can be a great asset in improving your translation processes. It allows for access to content which we would have previously deemed untranslatable due to quantity or time constraints (e.g. large volumes of data, translation on demand).

Web application

The Y-MTS web application allows translation and post-editing of plain text and Office documents through a secure data portal. Y-MTS allows you to type text, upload documents, select the appropriate MT engine, translate and even post-edit online.

Yamagata Machine Translation System

After translation, you can choose to post-edit online and to download.

Yamagata Machine Translation

You can post-edit online in a side-by-side view.

Online post-editing of machine translation

Web service

With the Y-MTS web service you can easily add a translation component to your own software solution. Without going through the user interface of the Y-MTS website, your own applications can communicate directly with machine translation engines designed and maintained specifically for you. Want to know more? Drop us a line.