Your target texts, presented in the same layout and style as the source text

You want your translated files to have the same look and feel as the original layout in every target language. And, even if translations that perfectly mirror the source text are seldom precisely the same length, it is often undesirable for translated publications to have more or fewer pages than the original. Translations from English, for example, tend to be 30% longer than their counterparts in the source text.

Our layout staff synchronise the format and content to ensure that the same information is displayed on every page, regardless of the language version.

A single contact person, from translation to delivery

The fewer people collaborate on the finalisation of your target text, the smaller chances are of any communication mishaps getting in the way of a perfect result. This is why you will be assigned a dedicated project manager, who will make sure that all aspects related to the translation of your text and its final layout will run equally smoothly.

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Punctuality from the start

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Budget-friendly commercial publications, thanks to our technical expertise

We have worked hard to learn how to apply our expertise in the fast and accurate preparation of technical texts for publication to commercial projects, too. These texts require a more creative approach by definition. Our approach ensures a perfect combination of creativity and budget friendliness.

Not only will there be no need for you to engage a graphic agency for the layout of your translation, you will also avoid a lot of unnecessary costs, as you will not be paying agency fees.

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Iseki Europe

“What is unique about Yamagata Europe is that you are assigned one and the same partner for translation, layout and printing. Having only one contact person makes communication so much easier from my side.”


“Our partnership was immediately off to a very good start. All our requests were responded to promptly. Plenty of time was made available to become better acquainted with us as a customer. This professional approach makes it a joy to work with Yamagata.”

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