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Which variant of Chinese do you need?

Are you planning on doing business with a Chinese-speaking region? Then you need to be aware that there’s no ‘one size fits all’, both in terms of spoken and written language. Let’s dive into the Chinese language basics once again.

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Happy Colleagues make Happy Clients

Translation is people business.

At Yamagata Europe, we do not only spend a lot of time with our customers, but also with our colleagues. Today, the Yamagata Europe team in Ghent (Belgium) has 40+ people; our Bratislava (Slovakia) team has 10 people.

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Why we love online meetings

Online meetings are common practice at Yamagata Europe. Talking online with international customers, partners and coworkers is fast, cost-efficient and easy as pie!

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GitHub: the ideal version control and collaboration platform

When it comes to content authoring, DITA is Yamagata Europe’s weapon of choice. However, when you need to collaborate across multiple teams, and when you want to efficiently manage multiple document versions, you will need extra horsepower. At Yamagata Europe, we rely on GitHub, a web-based version control system that is becoming increasingly popular among technical writing teams.

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We are now ISO 9001:2015 certified

ISO 9001:2015

Yamagata Europe has been certified in ISO 9001 since November 2011. In November 2017, we became certified in the new ISO 9001:2015 standard, demonstrating our continued commitment to providing superior quality translation and print services.

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Panel discussion at Across LSP Day

Across LSP Day

Ms. Accou from Yamagata Europe will be taking part in a panel discussion on the future of translation quality at the Across LSP Day in Cologne. 

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Smart Sampling presentation at Elia Networking Days

Elia Brussels

Smart Sampling is a lean methodology to optimise your QA process. Given price and time pressure, it is not always realistic to review an entire deliverable before delivery.

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Renewed Class A supplier award from Ricoh Industrie France

Ricoh Industrie France

Yamagata Europe has been producing high-quality CDs for Ricoh France since 2007, containing device drivers and multilingual manuals. Today Ricoh Industrie France informed us we achieved a 100% score in their suppliers evaluation system.

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Smart sampling presentation at LocWorld Dublin

Boost your QA Productivity with Smart Sampling

Ms Accou is presenting a live GALA webinar on how you can enhance your QA process using the Smart Sampling methodology.

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Certified TIM Translation Service Provider

After finalizing the certification training, we’re happy to announce that we are now officially recognized as a TIM certified Language Service Provider.

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QA Distiller 9 has been released

We're proud to release version 9 of QA Distiller, our flagship translation quality control software.

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Class A supplier award from Ricoh Industrie France

Ricoh Industrie France confirmed our "A" Classification for the period from April 2014 till September 2014 with a perfect score: 100/100.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

There are some things you just don’t like to receive in your mailbox. Spam is one of them, obviously. Even though you’d love to receive billions just by replying to a friendly email from Nigeria, or that you can increase the quality of your love life by taking some harmless pills, most people don’t like being harassed with these kinds of offers.

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